An electric analogue of the Mercedes-Benz G-Class was presented in the Czech Republic

MWM Spartan is a 4.1-meter electric SUV with 174 hp. The frame model of which received a reduction gear and differential locks.

The Czech company MW Motors, specializing in electric SUVs, presented its new model Spartan EV 2.0. It goes on sale starting at $63,300.

The new MWM Spartan EV 2.0 will be an electric alternative to the Mercedes-Benz G-Class, Jeep Wrangler and Land Rover Defender. It is built on the basis of the frame Indian SUV Force Gurkha.

The angular 4.1-meter car differs in appearance from its donor only in the design of the front end with LED headlights and a plastic plug in place of the radiator grille.. The weight of the MWM Spartan EV 2.0 is 2350 kg.

A digital instrument panel has appeared in the cabin and a 7-inch touchscreen has been installed.. The equipment is very poor for a car of this price — the only good thing is air conditioning.

The MWM Spartan EV 2.0 electric car is equipped with a 174 liter engine. with. and with a huge torque of 1075 N∙m. It can tow a three-ton trailer.

All-wheel drive is complemented by a reduction gear and differential locks. The ground clearance is 205 mm, the approach angle is 38°, and the departure angle is 35°.

The 57 kWh battery provides a range of 240 km. Fast DC charging (90 kW) takes just over half an hour to reach 80%.