Breitling watch in honor of the Ford Mustang costs more than this car

The Top Time B21 Classic Car line of watches now includes chronometers based on a tourbillon mechanism and selling for $47,000.

Breitling watches, inspired by the handsome Ford Mustang Tourbillon, join the elite range of only three luxury timepieces: Ford Mustang, Shelby Cobra and Chevrolet Corvette. Its retail price, like the other two from the new series, reached $47,000 apiece.

The series is based on Top Time Collection chronographs. In its current version, this collection has been enriched with a rather rare and surprisingly serious tourbillon movement.

Designed to improve watch accuracy, the tourbillon mechanism features an escapement and balance wheel in a rotating cage to help combat gravity, which can affect the chronometer's accuracy.. This is especially important when the watches are in different positions.

The Ford Mustang Top Time B21 features a 43mm bronze case, titanium back and green dial inspired by the colors of the first generation car. Like other watches, its chronometer has a twisting shape, reminiscent of the rectangular speedometers of classic cars.

The green dial of the Ford Mustang Top Time B21, the blue background under the hands of the B21 Shelby Cobra, and the walnut color of the Time B21 Chevrolet Corvette. Photo: Breitling

And the Top Time B21 Chevrolet Corvette features a 44mm black ceramic case with a titanium back, crown, pushers and buckle. Its dial features a walnut base and, along with a perforated leather strap, pays homage to the Corvette's steering wheel and instrument panel inserts.

«We are pleased to introduce the tourbillon to the Top Time Classic Cars series. There is no better expression of Breitling's expertise in creating precision instrument watches that combine functionality with sophistication and style.. Like the cars it represents, the Top Time B21 Classic Cars Chronograph Tourbillon is all about design and engine,” says Breitling CEO Georges Kern.