From May 1, a new fine of 510 UAH applies to drivers

From May 1, the temporary period for using daytime running lights outside the populated area has been canceled. Now you have to drive with the light on all the time. There is a fine for violating this rule.

Previously, outside the populated area, from October 1 to May 1, drivers had to turn on daytime running lights, and if they were not included in the vehicle design, low beam headlights. By Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine dated October 20, 2023 No. 1105, this time period was canceled, and now you need to drive with the lights on all the time.

The police assure that the main goal of these changes in traffic rules is to reduce accidents. They even cite European studies. According to the European Commission «Daytime running light», the use of daytime running lights reduces the number of multiple daytime accidents in cars by approximately 5-15%.

When imposing a fine, the police refer to the second part of Article 122 of the Code of Administrative Offenses, in particular, for violation of the rules for the use of external lighting devices or warning signals when starting to move or changing its direction , the use of these devices and their re-equipment in violation of the requirements of the relevant standards. The sanction of the article provides for the imposition of a fine in the amount of 510 UAH.