How long can an electric car battery last?

Owners of internal combustion engines who want to change their car to an electric car often face new challenges. Drivers often have questions about how to properly operate their car.. One of the main concerns is battery life, and what rules to follow to extend its life.

Automakers are constantly improving battery technology to extend their life.. Typically, modern batteries can withstand a total mileage of 320-350 thousand kilometers. Sometimes even ordinary cars with internal combustion engines are unable to achieve such a mileage.

As an example, taxis in Europe use the Tesla Model S. Some cars traveled almost 500,000 km in three years, and their batteries retained approximately 80% of their total capacity.

However, you have all heard that a limited battery life sooner or later leads to its scheduled replacement. As an example — gadgets. Smartphones, as we know, quickly lose battery efficiency in a fairly short time. This happens because the battery cells are destroyed during operation.

Long-term use of such a battery may cause your device to simply turn off and not start.. This scenario does not suit electric vehicles.. However, the good news is that there are a number of tips to extend the life of your battery.

Speaking of charging, it's best to use DC fast chargers in moderation. While this is great for long trips or emergency situations where you need to charge quickly, a byproduct of fast chargers is increased temperatures that destroy the battery.. Therefore, it is better to charge the car with less current.

Your driving style can also affect battery life.. Like fast charging, fast discharging of cells can cause damage, which will lead to reduced efficiency over time.. Although electric cars provide excellent dynamics, as a rule, drivers who drive their electric cars in moderate mode have longer battery life in their cars.

Manufacturers are keenly aware that potential EV buyers may be deterred by the possibility of premature battery failure.. The truth is that, if properly cared for, most modern lithium-ion units will probably last the life of the vehicle.

Now in the USA, China, and Europe, manufacturers are already announcing the possibility of replacing the batteries in their cars under warranty. However, the bad news for our drivers is that in Ukraine, most likely, this option will not be available for a long time. After all, now these cars come to Ukraine through so-called “gray” dealers who do not provide any guarantees. And official importers of these brands deny illegally imported electric vehicles.