How many Ukrainians ordered a new driver’s license abroad

The Ministry of Internal Affairs reported that 1,800 people took advantage of the international delivery of driver’s licenses. The service continues to gain popularity.

There are many Ukrainians abroad who were able to leave the country. Therefore, service centers of the Ministry of Internal Affairs are working on the possibility of obtaining services abroad.

Our fellow citizens need to exchange and restore their driver's license in order to have the right to drive a car. Nikolai Rudik, head of the Main Service Center of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, spoke about this.

In 2 months since the launch of this service, almost 1,800 driver’s licenses were ordered abroad. Nikolay Rudik explained that online exchange of a driver’s license in the driver’s electronic account is available in Poland, the Czech Republic, Germany and Italy. “This service can be used by those citizens who have lost or damaged their ID, its validity has expired, or have changed their personal data. Most of all, Ukrainians ordered international delivery to Poland – 1,511 driver’s licenses were sent,” said Nikolai Rudik.

The head of the Main Service Center of the Ministry of Internal Affairs also told how to order international delivery. To do this, you need to log in to the driver’s electronic account.. Next, indicate the reason for exchanging the ID, select international delivery and pay for the service.

After this, the application is processed by the administrator of the Ministry of Internal Affairs service center. If approved, the finished document is sent to the address specified by the customer.

«International delivery of a driver's license takes about 15 days. The estimated cost of a driver's license is 311 UAH for the form and administrative services. Logistics costs for a postal carrier abroad will be UAH 960,” said Nikolai Rudik.

The service center of the Ministry of Internal Affairs reminds that data on driver’s licenses issued before 2013 are in the old registry. Therefore, they are not displayed in the driver’s electronic account and Dii. In this case, it is impossible to exchange a driver’s license online. Those citizens who are abroad are advised to contact the State Enterprise «Document». They are open in 7 countries: Poland, Slovakia, Germany, Czech Republic, Italy, Spain and Turkey.