How to haggle when buying a car

If you are planning to buy a used car, our recommendations will help you understand what you need to look at carefully in order to be able to bargain with the seller and buy a car profitably.

When buying a used car, bargaining is always appropriate. As a rule, the transaction price is 10-15% less than the price in the advertisement. But the discount can be even greater if the buyer does everything right.

Use the services of a specialist

If you are not confident in your technical knowledge, it is better to invite a specialist to check the car. It will be able to reveal hidden defects that you might otherwise miss.. The services of a selection specialist always pay off — such specialists know how to bargain and will protect you from buying a car with serious hidden defects.

The services of a car selection specialist always pay off. Such people know how to bargain and will help you save money..

Don't negotiate over the phone

Negotiating about the cost and condition of a car over the phone is not a good idea.. Very often, buyers try to cut the price without even inspecting the car itself.. This behavior may cause dissatisfaction with the seller. So, if you are counting on effective bargaining, lower the price only after inspecting the car with an emphasis on what you are not happy with about it.

Examine the vehicle before inspection

Before inspecting a car, study its characteristics, reviews and prices for similar models. This will help you be better prepared and understand what price you are willing to offer. Remember that after purchasing a used car, in any case, you need to allocate funds for its maintenance and repairs.

Inspect the car carefully

When inspecting the car, pay attention to the following points: mileage, condition of the body and interior, condition of the engine, transmission and suspension. Also, be sure to drive it while driving — your own feelings from the trip should become an important guide.

Check the documents

It is equally important to carefully check all documents so as not to encounter legal problems in the future.. Make sure the seller is the owner of the car. If you are not dealing with the owner, but with a reseller, a profitable deal is hardly possible.

Any used car will require maintenance costs

Get ready to leave

Always have multiple options. If the seller turns out to be an outbid and is not ready to make concessions, be prepared to leave. It's better to lose a deal than to buy a car that doesn't live up to your expectations.