In Ukraine, the cost of services in Service Centers has increased sharply

From January 1 of the new year, prices for services in service centers will change. The cost of theoretical and practical exams will increase significantly: the price of the theoretical exam will increase by almost 19 times, and the practical one — by 32.

The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine adopted a corresponding resolution. From 2024, the cost of the practical exam will be 420 hryvnia, and the theoretical one – 250. Previously, the cost of both exams was 13 hryvnia.

And the service for registration or re-registration of vehicles will rise in price from 200 to 350 hryvnia (this price does not include license plates for 111-350 hryvnia and a plastic registration form for 405 hryvnia).

Issuing a driver's license will cost not 26 hryvnia, but 230. Let us remind you that recently online car registration has been operating in Ukraine through the “Diya” application.

From January 1, the price of first car registration in Ukraine will also increase. This is due to an increase in the amount of contributions to the pension fund, which, as is known, is tied to the subsistence level.

Also, earlier the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine canceled the limit on attempts to pass the practical exam to obtain a driver’s license, and allowed taking the theoretical driving test without a driving school.