Schumacher's cap helped raise $40,000 for a drone for scouts

An artifact from a famous racer was raffled off in Ukraine among those who donated at least 200 UAH for a drone.

This Michael Schumacher cap, which he wore for the Scuderia Ferrari Formula 1 team, is a personal gift from the legendary driver to one of his managers after receiving his fifth championship title.

The other day the cap was drawn, and Gennady L became its new owner. originally from Volnovakha, who made a donation of 200 UAH. Since Gennady could not come in person, his relative, Irina, received the prize.

In total, the cap earned more than $40,000 from the Armed Forces of Ukraine, which became a significant contribution to the main goal of the collection — the purchase of the GOR reconnaissance drone.. The collection continues now.

The history of the Schumacher cap is quite interesting. At the beginning of the large-scale invasion, volunteer Alexander Petrenko, who is the deputy chairman of the karting committee in Ukraine, found himself in a personal meeting with one of Michael Schumacher’s managers. Alexander talked about how the struggle for independence takes place within the country, about volunteer initiatives and what can help Ukrainians survive in this difficult time.

At this meeting, the manager (who wished not to reveal his name to the general public) gave Alexander an artifact from his personal collection — a Schumacher cap, which the racing driver gave after receiving his 5th championship title. This artifact is one of the symbols of Michael’s indestructibility and victory.

Alexander Petrenko donated this artifact to raise funds in favor of the 2nd International Legion of Defense of Ukraine — a unit where representatives of more than 30 countries of the world fight for the freedom of Ukraine. Schumacher's cap raised $40,000 in donations for the legionnaires.

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UAV «GOR» is a reconnaissance unmanned aerial vehicle from the unmanned aerial system «GOR», created by Airlogics after the start of the full-scale invasion of the Russian Federation in Ukraine for monitoring and adjusting fire in real time. It is equipped with a highly reliable communication module (AES256), which allows you to go deep behind enemy lines up to 40 km in electronic warfare (EW) conditions.. Camera system with Full HD resolution, with 40x optical zoom and an additional 2x digital zoom for the day camera and 8x digital zoom for the night camera.