Tens of thousands of Teslas lined up in China awaiting delivery to customers: video

The huge Giga Shanghai car plant produces Tesla cars at the speed of light. Aerial footage uploaded to YouTube shows a large number of vehicles parked at Shanghai South Port. The shipment includes thousands of Teslas ready to be shipped to countries in Asia and Europe.

One shift of workers at the Giga Shanghai plant produces approximately 2,000 cars per week. At the same time, Model Y is produced twice as much as Model 3. The updated Model Y, which is still under development, will also see the light there.

Drone video captured by drone operator Wu Wa shows thousands of Teslas ready for delivery around the world. In addition, at the time of the flight over the Southern Port of Shanghai, a car carrier was being loaded.

Cars, ready for shipment, are right-hand drive. Therefore they are not made for Australia, New Zealand or the UK. Most likely they are heading to Europe.

The ship loaded with electric cars will leave the port in Shanghai on January 8. It is unknown when they will arrive at their destination.

The number of vehicles delivered to the local market also meets Elon Musk's high expectations. More than 60,000 Teslas reached their new owners in China in December, before Christmas. The American automaker plans to sell 1.8 million vehicles in 2023. We're probably just days away from finding out if they'll reach that milestone.

Giga Shanghai is Tesla's largest car plant. It's also the first and currently only factory to produce the next-generation Tesla Model 3, with the Fremont production center poised to begin production sometime in the first quarter of 2024.. The estimated annual capacity of the car production plant is more than 950 thousand.

Tesla began construction of Giga Shanghai in December 2018, and a year later began producing Tesla Model 3. The first 15 cars from Giga Shanghai were delivered on December 30, 2019 to factory employees. The first Chinese customers received their new Model 3 on January 7, 2020.

Tesla in Shanghai South Port being loaded onto a ship Photo: Wu Wa | YouTube

Giga Shanghai is unique in the Chinese automotive industry. It is the only manufacturing center that is wholly owned and operated by a foreign automaker rather than a joint venture with a Chinese company.. This was the first time the Chinese government had allowed such a move.