Tesla Cybertruck received software locking differentials

The Cybertruck finally gets an off-road mode with locking differentials and a bunch of other off-road options.

The Tesla Cybertruck arrived about five months ago and is missing some key features you'd expect from a modern pickup truck.. That's about to change thanks to a software update that will include the electric pickup's locking differentials and other off-road-focused features to help owners avoid any embarrassment on bad roads.

New features are available in the new Off-Road mode, which improves handling on rocks, gravel, deep snow and sand. Locking differentials available on dual motor and all-wheel drive models. The tri-motor truck has a front locking differential, while the virtual rear locking differential is always engaged in Overland mode.

Trail Assist makes it easier to control uneven surfaces at low speeds so the driver can focus on and maintain control with ease.. The new Baja mode improves the vehicle's balance and handling when the driver sets the stability control to its lowest setting.

It works with hill descent control, but not all the upgrades make it the best SUV. Tesla has also improved the truck's ability to sense payload and adjust the adaptive suspension accordingly.