The classic Porsche 911 has been converted to electric power

This tribute to the 964 RSR looks cool, but the electric powertrain doesn't pack as much punch as the original engine.

Today there is no shortage of Porsche 91 restomods. There's a version for every taste, whether you want something perfect from Singer, something a little wilder from Guntherwerks or something cranked up to 11,000 from Tuthill. Then there's Everrati, a British company that has done a pretty thorough job of turning 911s into fully electric cars.. Their latest creation is a tribute to the 964 RS.

Everrati rips out the heart of the 911, the six-cylinder engine, and replaces it with two electric motors on the rear axle. Then loads the car with batteries, but to maintain weight distribution. They are proud to be able to maintain this to continue to give the 911 the same unique character it has had since its debut.

Apparently they are fun to drive and inexpensive to operate.. This is a way to continue to have a car that looks like an old 911 in the future when the internal combustion engine is illegal. However, in this particular model, many things start to make less sense.

This flash of yellow is inspired by the 3.8-liter 964 RSR, one of the best 911s of the era.. A true motorsport-inspired car with a wide body, large wing and 325 hp through a five-speed manual transmission. Think of it as a race car for the road. Now they are worth quite a bit — in 2022, one of these was sold for $1.2 million.

Now the Everrati version is probably better built than the original. It's also better for the environment. It even hits 60 mph in 3.7 seconds, about a second faster than the original. But the emotional component here is completely different.