The thousandth Senator armored car will soon arrive in Ukraine

The Canadian company Roshel Inc announced the shipment of the 1000th Senator 4×4 armored car to Kyiv.

In the photo distributed by the manufacturer, the anniversary car stands at the head of the column of the next batch of equipment prepared for transportation to Ukraine. The car was marked with two flagpoles with banners of the Ukrainian and Canadian flags.

As you remember, Canada has been a supplier of weapons to Ukraine since the spring of 2022: in March, the first batch of Senator 4×4 was shipped to the Ukrainian government.

The founder and director of the company, Roman Shimonov, said: “Roshel has gained such a high pace of work that it is sending its thousandth armored vehicle to Ukraine much earlier than planned.. High quality. One of the differences between us and other companies is that we do the entire process in house. We don't give anything to anyone.»

Roman is an ardent supporter of Ukraine, whose ancestry comes from Kyiv, he is a full member of the Canadian-Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce. Shimonov promised to continue to produce reliable cars for Ukrainian defenders and assured that Canadian business will not stand aside and the help of Canadian entrepreneurs will be tangible.

In 2023, Senator production volumes on the Ford chassis increased tenfold; on average, the plant produces two Senators per day. Photo: John G. Smith

The vehicle received positive reviews from soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the National Guard, the State Border Service and the Defense Forces.. The car is powerful, fast and, most importantly, reliable in armor protection.

The Canadian armored car is based on an all-wheel drive two-axle Ford F-550 chassis with a 6.7-liter turbodiesel engine producing 400 horsepower.. True, there is one peculiarity here: the engine of the armored vehicle for Ukraine is not standard in terms of environmental level, but is lower than Ford’s Euro-5. Maybe Euro-3 and even Euro-2. This was not done to make the car cheaper.

“You can use dirty diesel fuel with high sulfur content, especially in a combat zone where clean diesel fuel is not always available ,” explains Roman Shimonov.

With its innovative V-hull, the Senator maximizes crew survivability by deflecting blast waves away from the crew compartment and dissipating blast energy.

The 100mm thick ballistic windshield is installed on the outside of the vehicle and is larger in size than the holes. Therefore, during an explosion it does not break through. The weapon holes can only be opened from the inside, unlike competing models.