Toyota CH-R can be bought for $6.2 thousand

This is the average final bid price for the Toyota CH-R at the IAAI and Copart US auctions in November 2023.

The compact crossover Toyota CH-R 2018–2022 is a very extraordinary model for such a conservative brand as Toyota. This competitor to the Nissan Juke belongs to the B-SUV class and was created primarily for the European market, although there are also a lot of them in the USA. And since Ukrainians respect Toyota, they often buy them at IAAI and Copart insurance auctions.

According to statistics from the AutoAstat resource, which tracks the results of car auctions in the United States, the average auction price for Toyota CH-R 2018–2022 has changed significantly over the past year and a half.

If at the beginning and in the second half of 2022 they were taken for almost 8 thousand dollars, then this year they began to become cheaper. The lowest average price for Toyota CH-R 2018–2022 was in November 2023 – $6187, which is $192 less than in October. Thus, now there is a good opportunity to purchase this car in the USA. Moreover, at IAAI and Copart auctions, not only damaged and drowned cars are sold. But the price greatly depends on the condition and year of manufacture.

Of course, the cost of the car will change significantly if it is brought to Ukraine. Thanks to our customs clearance calculator, we learned that only customs payments (duty, VAT and excise tax) for this car will amount to $2,400. Add to this the auction fee, transportation, repairs and intermediary services — you get at least another 8-10 thousand.

There is one caveat, however.. While in Europe and Ukraine many first-generation Toyota CH-Rs (2018–2022 model years) can be found with hybrid engines, in the USA they are mainly sold with 2.0-liter gasoline engines. With such an engine and CVT, the car has mediocre dynamics. But this front-wheel drive crossover handles well, so it is recommended for women who most often drive in the city.