Ukrainian craftsmen installed the Grad MLRS on a BMW passenger car and are firing at the enemy

A video of this installation in operation was published by the Ukrainian Armed Forces on the X network.

The video shows how part of the Grad multiple launch rocket system, which is installed on a civilian BMW 3 Series, makes three launches in the direction of the enemy. As it became clear from the description under the video, the events take place near Bakhmut.

This is how Ukrainian soldiers from the 114th brigade pour fire on the enemy. They fire at Russian positions east of Kleshcheevka. The MLRS on this vehicle uses 122mm Grad mounts.

Bakhmut, Ukrainian forces from the 114th TDF brigade have deployed their BMW 3-series MLRS to the front, seen here shelling the Russian positions east of Klishchiivka with 122mm Grad rockets


— OSINTtechnical (@Osinttechnical) December 22, 2023

Similar designs have been working in the Armed Forces of Ukraine for a long time. However, most often they were installed on pickup trucks. Researchers from OSINT technical unveiled the MLRS on a passenger car for the first time.

In fact, not only mini-Grads are installed on cars. Most often, a regular or anti-aircraft machine gun is installed on the turret, which is convenient to mount on a pickup truck.. This allows you to quickly drive up to the location of an enemy gathering or a drone flight and neutralize them. At the same time, cars can be completely different.

For example, Czech volunteers provided Ukrainians with pickup trucks based on Toyota Hilux, and recently purchased a Mitsubishi L200 and Peugeot Landtrek for these purposes.

And American pickup trucks are even used to transport helicopters. Recently, even the prestigious Range Rover, from which it had previously been made into a pickup truck, was converted for these purposes.