Ukrainians buy motorcycles even in winter: which ones?

In November, Ukrainians purchased 3.2 thousand. motorcycles, and although this is less than in the season, it is still a fairly significant indicator. Which brands and models are the most popular — in our study.

The demand for motorcycles, due to seasonality, is decreasing — this is illustrated by a diagram showing the dynamics of trading in this market segment. However, despite the onset of cold weather and rainy weather in November, the motorcycle market still grew compared to the same period last year.

Experts from the Institute of Automotive Market Research analyzed statistics on motorcycle registrations in November and identified the most popular models in three segments: import of used motorcycles, domestic resale and purchase of new motorcycles.

Please note that the statistics provided are obtained only from official sales transactions and first registrations. The “shadow” part of the motorcycle market (in particular, the secondary market) remains outside the scope of this review. According to IDA experts, it can be quite significant — equal, or even more, than the official part.

Now about the numbers: in November, Ukrainians purchased 3.2 thousand of all motorcycles. This is 32% more than in the same period last year, and 27.7% less than in October 2023.

Among the total number, 53.8% of motorcycles were new (imported from abroad), quantitatively this is 1.7 thousand pieces. The motorcycle segment remains the only one in the Ukrainian car market, where the majority of transactions are sales of new vehicles.

1.1 thousand. purchase and sale transactions for motorcycles were concluded on the domestic market, which amounted to 34% of the total.

Only 11.2% of motorcycles were imported used from abroad (354 units).

The average age of motorcycles on the market (as of November) was 14 years for those that were resold within the country, and 13.3 years for motorcycles that were submitted for the first registration after customs clearance.

Domestic market

In the domestic market, Japanese brands predominated among motorcycle manufacturers in this period: Honda, Yamaha, and Suzuki.

Among individual models, the most popular is still the Lifan LF series (48 pcs.). In second place is Honda CB (34 units), in third place is KMZ «Dnepr» (32 units).

Brought from abroad

In the import segment, there were again not enough manufacturers to reach the classic top twenty most popular. In the end, this is quite logical — seasonality affects it. In general, imports in the motorcycle segment continue to be dominated by brands such as Yamaha, Honda and Suzuki.

Among individual models, Honda CB (17 units), Suzuki Address (10 units) and Kawasaki Ninja (10 units) most often applied for first state registration.

New motorcycles

New buyers in Ukraine are mainly motorcycles from Chinese manufacturers: in November, the leaders were the brands Spark, Musstang and Lifan. The products of these three brands occupied almost half of the market with a total share of 44.6%.

Among the models, the Spark SP-series (286 units) took the lead, the second place went to the Musstang MT (238 units), the third place went to the Lifan LF (160 units).