Volvo purchased 1,300 robots for the production of electric vehicles

Volvo plans to use ABB's industrial robotic arms to produce its own cars to improve its electric vehicle production line.. robots will be used at Volvo plants in Torsland (Sweden) and Daqing (China).

Volvo Cars uses more than 1,300 industrial robots from ABB in its factories to help create the next generation of electric vehicles. These robots are part of a new line of modular industrial robots that feature interchangeable links allowing users to easily change the size and reach of each model.

The robots are suitable for payloads from 150 kg to 310 kg, with a range of 2.5 m to 3.2 m. The robots are expected to help save more than 20% energy in these facilities.

“The historic transformation of the automotive industry, driven by rising consumer demand for electric vehicles and a desire to operate more environmentally, is creating new opportunities as well as challenges for global manufacturers. Volvo Cars demonstrates our shared commitment to making production more sustainable,» said Marc Segura, President of ABB Robotics.

ABB is the leading brand in the market with the most advanced robotics. This Swiss-based corporation provides automation solutions that optimize production productivity and energy efficiency.. Their equipment is easy to use and maintain.

The first deployment of these robots at Volvo Cars will take place in early 2024, and will likely involve the production of the all-new Volvo EX30 and Volvo EX90.