What an electric crossover from BYD will look like for $14,000

In China they showed what the new compact urban electric crossover from BYD will look like. The new model will be called Yuan UP. The new car is expected to go on sale in mid-2024 and will cost from $14,000.

The procedure for creating new car models in China is somewhat different than in Europe.. There, every new car must be approved by the regulator before entering the market.. This is the responsibility of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT), which publishes a list of vehicles that undergo the homologation process.

It is thanks to these rules that we can learn about new products from Chinese brands.

It is known that the new BYD Yuan UP is an urban 5-door crossover. It will receive two 70 kW power units (model TZ180XSF) and a 130 kW engine (TZ200XSW). The motors and battery will be produced by BYD's LFP Blade subsidiaries.

It is expected that the weight of the car will vary depending on the configuration and will range from 1430 kg to 1540 kg, respectively.. Also, the configuration will be limited to wheel size — 16 or 17 inches, and tire specifications 215/65 R16 and 215/60 R17.

The car will have overall dimensions of 4310/1830/1675 mm with a wheelbase of 2620 mm, which makes it the smallest representative of electric vehicles in the brand’s line-up. The price on the Chinese market is expected to fluctuate around $14,000.