What automobile calendars have been published for 2024?

Calendars have become an indispensable attribute of the interior of office and residential premises in accordance with preferences. Automotive topics are no exception here; they are in good demand all over the world.. True, with us this business is only at the inception stage.

We will not blame Ukrainian publishers regarding calendars on transport topics, since many understandable factors coincide here. Therefore, the next year the country limited itself to church, local history, picturesque, culinary and artistic almanacs.

The automotive calendar theme is reflected in only a few publications. Among the main players, it is worth noting the calendar products of the “Ukrainian Community of Drivers”, operating through the portal driver.top, the printing house “Provocation” from Kyiv and motorsport experts Rally In Ukraine.

Kyiv calendar

DriverTop LLC in relation to calendar products has a balanced aesthetic approach and thoughtful illustrative themes, which are formed with the participation of everyone through voting. This has already become a rule.

The Ukrainian Community of Drivers has its own approach to creating automotive-themed calendars. Photo: driver.top

The results of voting for the best car of the month became the starting point for the sketches of each sheet. However, the finished calendar has not yet appeared anywhere; there are only sketches of the layouts.

Orders for a vertically foldable wall calendar have already begun.. It was previously reported that the cost of one copy will be around 450 hryvnia.

Several more A4 format calendars have appeared in the retail network, produced by various publishers for fans of cars and road carriers. These are so-called quarterly calendars on thick cardboard.

Ukrainian-language calendars are similar in style and design of transport segments, but the price tags are quite contrasting. Collage: Auto24

The price tags are different — from 117 to 155 hryvnia.

Printing house «Provocation» offered automotive-themed calendars for all tastes. There are both modern and vintage cars on the cover, even commercial vehicles.

Printing house «Provocation» has the widest calendar line of transport topics in Ukraine, offering almanacs from the passenger segment to road transport, trucks and logistics. Collage: Auto24

Ukraine sports

The Rally In Ukraine community took a rather interesting approach to the calendar topic.. One can feel that they are rooting for Ukrainian athletes here, since three wall almanacs were released for 2024.

The calendar grid was based on photos of outstanding Ukrainian crews who competed and won in the three most popular cars — Evo, Impreza and 2108. Photo: Rally In Ukraine.

Calendars are not cheap — orders are available for 270 hryvnia. At the same time, 50 hryvnia from each magazine sold will be used to bring our victory closer and return the rally to peaceful Ukraine.

Also, the Ukrainian rally community announced the release of an expanded and updated series of calendars for 2024, dedicated to the 30th anniversary of the Ukrainian Rally Championship. The choice here is wide: fans of motorsports and crews can choose and order any of two dozen calendars at their discretion. The cost of one of this series is 250 hryvnia.

Sheets from a wall calendar printed on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the famous Odessa team Bogatkin Rally Team. Collage: Auto24

Czech Republic for Ukraine

The Epicenter chain of stores and the rozetka.com.ua service for motorcycle fans now have calendars for 378 hryvnia, printed in the Czech Republic. True, they are English-speaking.

Calendar printed products from Czech publishers have arrived on the Ukrainian market: the niche of motorcycle-themed almanacs is practically empty in our country. Photo: rozetka.com.ua

Good printing design of 14 sheets of thick paper on a spiral suspension conveys in color the author's photographs of the world's best examples of motorcycle products.

It is believed that along with victory, not only motorsports and bike fashion will return to Ukraine, but also domestic calendars for fans of this transport. Illustration: Auto24


And although the dates and days of the week on the sheets of old calendars do not coincide over the years, fans of prestigious cars keep branded calendars from many publishers and even collect them.

Miss Tuning calendars from the organizers of the Tuning World Bodensee festival (Germany) do not lose demand even over the years.

The Miss Tuning calendar theme dates back to 2003 and since then has occupied the highest ranking levels in the world, not to mention the European continent.

Local areas around Lake Constance were used in 2007 as the backdrop for a calendar with Miss Tuning Silvia. A spectacular photo with a Learjet and a BMW, tuned by Hamann, was taken at Friedrichshafen Airport. Photo: tuningworldbodensee.de

Calendars for all years are still in demand. Firstly, each calendar sheet with the days of the week contains good photos of cars from German manufacturers BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Audi, Volkswagen and Porsche against the backdrop of the best European architectural structures or landscapes of the Austrian Alps.

Secondly, the beauties from among the winners of the Miss Tuning competitions become the decoration of the photo, and female beauty, as we know, makes the world an even better place.

Miss Tuning Nina went to the island beloved by the Germans in 2005. A beautiful sunset on the beach or the Palma de Mallorca Cathedral are just some of the places that have been used on the island. This calendar is now five times its original retail price.. Photo: tuningworldbodensee.de


The leading Italian tire manufacturer Pirelli also turns to the combination of female beauty with the theme of cars and their components.. The calendars of this brand reveal a gentle female image in an elegant style without a hint of eroticism, which adds even more aesthetic pleasure from contemplating the characteristic images of a woman.

Advertising drives business: Pirelli calendar products occasionally feature discreet promotions for tire products. Collage: Auto24

True, the brand made a slight deviation from the usual style for the 2024 calendar, resorting to an African theme. Naomi Campbell, Amanda Gorman, Margot Lee Shetterly, and Angela Bassett willingly agreed to appear on the calendar.. Male characters also appeared — Prince Gyasi, His Majesty Tumfua Osei Tutu II.

The 2024 Pirelli calendar is entirely dedicated to African themes. Collage: Auto24

Basically, this calendar is not so much a tire-themed calendar as it is addressed to the cultural and artistic heritage of Africa and its modernity against the backdrop of historical monuments.


Here is a significant exclusive. We have perhaps the only case in Europe where the production of a motor transport calendar is not carried out by a publishing house or a commercial structure, but by an ordinary truck driver. More precisely, the carrier Iwona Blecharczyk.

This is her third issue of the Super Trucker charity calendar.. The 2024 calendar includes photographs of Ivonka and her black Volvo FH main tractor and a tent semi-trailer of the same color, taken almost throughout Europe.

All proceeds from the sale of the calendar will go to financial support for injured truck drivers.. Photo: Iwona Blecharczyk

This year, Ivona and her supporters are focused on supporting three injured drivers. The names are announced — Renata, who needs surgery and a new prosthesis because she dreams of returning to the wheel of a truck, as well as Jakub and Tomek, who were involved in serious accidents while performing their duties.

Iwona Blecharczyk’s team completed all previous requests for the calendar before the Christmas holidays, new orders will be distributed around the world after the holidays. Photo: Iwona Blecharczyk

Their situations are a reminder that each of the road carriers may find themselves in a similar situation and need help. Therefore, Ivonka appealed to all fellow truck drivers to purchase such a calendar and thereby help the affected colleagues.

Calendars were printed in Polish and in English versions. Orders for these products came from all over the world.. The cost of each calendar is 49.99 zlotys (476 UAH). Thanks to the sponsors at whose expense the calendars were printed, all proceeds from sales will go to help injured drivers.

Instead of an afterword

Of course, the review covers only a small part of the calendar products. Customization of vehicles of all types, purposes and size groups, not to mention brands, has been and will be a manifestation of individual tastes.

Customization of vehicles in calendar products is mainly based on a combination of weighted images of equipment and people that bring artistic and aesthetic pleasure. Photo: utodino.de

Some people want to see cars against the backdrop of snow-capped mountains or alpine meadows, some want to admire cars and girls in front of historical buildings, and some people don’t have enough calendar sheets with erotic motifs. This is a matter of personal taste, which can be easily satisfied with a regular order through Amazon.