A full-length documentary film, XRP Unleashed, will be released in the United States.

A two-minute trailer for the documentary XRP Unleashed (XRP Unlocked) has appeared on the Internet, which should show the history of the proceedings between the issuer of this cryptocurrency, Ripple, and the American authorities.

The trailer was shared by blogger Good Morning Crypto. The documentary is being produced by Fruition Production.. The feature-length film features several figures from the XRP community as speakers, including attorney John Deaton and analyst Zach Rector..

In the trailer, analyst Zach Rector claims that the US Securities and Markets Commission (SEC) was going to take total control of the cryptocurrency market and was targeting XRP because it poses the greatest threat to the US banking system.

Lawyer John Deaton says US authorities are among the most significant opponents of the crypto market in the world, preventing the industry from developing.

JUST IN: The Highly Anticipated Trailer for 'XRP Unleashed' is Here!

Watch the new footage #XRPUnleashed Below!

Featuring several $XRP community members like @ValhilCapital, @ZachRector7, and @JohnEDeaton1 !!

Will you be watching this Ripple/XRP documentary? … pic.twitter.com/EM4UeuPJjH

— Good Morning Crypto (@3TGMCrypto) February 2, 2024

Fruition Production promises that a film about XRP will be available on Netflix and other streaming platforms. The release date will be announced later.

Earlier, crypto payment operator BitPay reported that XRP has become one of the most frequently used crypto assets for making payments — the number of such transactions has grown by 42%.