Binance will delist several currency pairs

According to a recent statement from Binance specialists, the trading platform will delist several currency pairs. According to representatives of the service, experts carefully studied a number of trade connections. They concluded that the liquidity of some pairs and trade volumes are very low. The following will be excluded from the listing: ALPINE/BTC, FRONT/TUSD, HARD/BTC, RUNE/TUSD, SSV/TUSD and WIN/BRL.

The decision will come into force on April 26. Likewise, the spot trading bot services for the above trading pairs will be terminated on the specified date. In turn, Binance representatives recommended that clients complete all existing transactions with the listed trading pairs as quickly as possible.

Recently, popular crypto journalist and expert Colin Wu addressed his followers on social networks. Yesterday, data began to appear online that the Central Bank of Nigeria had issued a decree. According to it, credit institutions in the country must identify all clients who made payments through cryptocurrency platforms. Banks must also promptly block the accounts of such users.

However, Colin Wu noted that this information turned out to be a simple fake. It is noteworthy that about a week ago, representatives of the Central Bank of Nigeria denied such rumors on social networks. They also reminded the audience that they should not blindly trust unverified information.

Also, the former head of Binance recently apologized to the cryptocurrency community. He noted that in the past some of his decisions turned out to be wrong. Now he is ready to answer for his actions. Already on April 30, a court hearing will take place in the case of Changpeng Zhao, as a result of which the punishment for the entrepreneur will be determined.