BTC rate has reached $50,000, capitalization is approaching $1 trillion

The Bitcoin rate reached $50,000 at the moment and now fluctuates around $49,900. The capitalization of the leading cryptocurrency is approaching $1 trillion. The rest of the market is booming.

The cost of 1 BTC reached $50,000 at the moment. At the time of writing, the rate is slightly lower — trading is near $49,900. Bitcoin growth in 24 hours exceeded 3%. Bitcoin reached the $50,000 mark for the first time since December 2021. Bitcoin's capitalization is $981 billion.

The rest of the crypto market follows the leader. The growth of the overall cryptocurrency market is estimated at 2.76%. The market capitalization including Bitcoin is $1.86 trillion.

The rate of the second largest coin — ETH — exceeded $2,600. The growth of ether was 4% per day.

With the exception of Ethereum, the growth of top 10 altcoins lags behind that of Bitcoin. The figures for Bitcoin are comparable to those of Cardano (ADA) — this asset also grew by a little more than 3%.

Outside the top 10 , IMX (12%), SEI (10%), BEAM (13%), ORDI (11%), and 1000SATS (10%) saw double-digit growth.

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