Circle and Nubank team up to promote cryptocurrencies in Latin America

Circle Corporation and Nubank announced the conclusion of a strategic partnership to actively popularize the digital assets segment in Latin America. The USDC stablecoin will be used within the Nubank Crypto platform to enable retail consumers to purchase and store a variety of cryptocurrencies. In the future, this initiative will expand massively.

Circle CEO Jeremy Allaire commented on this news story: “We continue to see strong demand for dollars in Latin America, especially in Brazil. All this has become the driving force behind the use and adoption of digital currency in the region.”. The entrepreneur also emphasized that the partnership with Nubank marks an important moment in expanding the global reach of USDC and a serious step towards creating a new financial system via the Internet.

This strategic partnership includes mutual contributions to educational campaigns aimed at spreading knowledge about USDC in the Brazilian market. This is necessary for its establishment as a secure, cost-effective and transparent method of accessing digital dollars and making core transactions.

It is noteworthy that the Nubank platform includes a lot of educational material. This initiative aims to increase the knowledge of Latin American users in the field of cryptocurrencies. The CEO of Nubank also made comments: “USDC integration opens up great opportunities for customers interested in the digital dollar. With this offering and the characteristics of USDC, we are looking at future opportunities to integrate Nubank Crypto with other financial services available on our app.”

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