CoinChapter experts: Ethereum will overtake Bitcoin in a number of indicators this year

The performance of the main altcoin could increase significantly compared to Bitcoin this year. Experts from the publication CoinChapter came to this conclusion. It was emphasized that the ether ecosystem continues to be actively modernized. In 2024, a global update of EIP-4844 should take place, within which Level 2 improvements will be introduced. It is expected that after this update, the network of the main altcoin will be able to process about 100 thousand transactions per second. This will largely solve the key problems associated with Ethereum's low scalability and high commission costs.

Also this year, spot ETF funds for ether may be launched. Although, on this issue, the opinions of many experts differ. Some quite rightly emphasize that Bitcoin ETFs appeared due to the fact that the SEC sees BTC primarily as a commodity. In the case of ether, the situation is different and the regulator considers it as a security. But if the launch of industry funds does take place, this will increase the investment attractiveness of the main altcoin.

In parallel, Ethereum continues to be the undisputed leader in the DeFi and NFT segments. More and more new and promising startups are emerging that are built on the architecture of the main altcoin. Some experts believe that Solana is a worthy competitor to ether in this context. But despite this, ETH remains the most popular platform for creating decentralized applications and smart contracts of any complexity.

Meanwhile, the main altcoin is trading near the $2,343 level, having lost 1% in value over the past 24 hours. The current capitalization of the coin is estimated at $281.5 billion. Trading volumes over 24 hours increased by 2.5% and stood at $10.1 billion.

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