Craig Wright's sister provides evidence of his relationship with Satoshi Nakamoto

At the UK High Court hearing on the Crypto Open Patent Alliance (COPA) claim for copyright on Bitcoin, the defendant’s sister and two other witnesses spoke.

Danielle DeMorgan said that in his youth, Craig Wright often walked in the park dressed as a ninja.. The programmer brother had a lot of computers in his room, and he was telling his sister that he was working on a very important project.. All this indirectly points to Wright’s connection with Satoshi Nakamoto, the witness insists.

Craig Wright is famous for the fact that for several years now he has been trying to claim his rights to the authorship of the Bitcoin white paper and the creation of the world's first cryptocurrency..

Another witness, manager Marc Archbold, said in court that back in 2005 he repeatedly communicated with Craig Wright about digital currencies. A third witness, patent attorney Cerian Jones, announced that Craig Wright may be Satoshi Nakamoto, having developed several patents related to blockchain technology..

Lawyers for the Crypto Open Patent Alliance declared the testimony of the defendant's witnesses irrelevant to the essence of the case and unable to prove the fact that Craig Wright is Satoshi Nakamoto.

Earlier, Craig Wright himself completed testimony in the UK High Court in the COPA lawsuit, which seeks to prevent a programmer from claiming copyright on Bitcoin.