Crypto Trader Made $3 Million By Following These 15 Rules

Twitter user @nobrainflip has become the center of attention in the crypto community as a trader claims to have turned a modest $8,000 into a staggering $3 million.

According to the crypto trader, the secret to success lies in fifteen golden rules, which he strictly adheres to.

How a crypto trader earned $3 million

The fourth halving took place on the Bitcoin network on Friday.. Historically, most crypto assets have seen significant growth following this event.

“If we look at the 2016 and 2020 bull markets, we see that most of the growth occurred in the post-halving period. Now is the last chance to enter the market,” writes @nobrainflip.

The trader assures that understanding market cycles and applying a number of rules helps to make decent profits, while avoiding the fear of missed opportunities.

Here are the 15 rules:

Take profit. The trader emphasizes the importance of timely profit taking and advises at least partially exiting transactions into stablecoins or fiat. Don't scatter your attention. @nobrainflip assures that focusing on a few projects will be a much better strategy than trying to keep up with all market trends indiscriminately. Tracks for narratives. Early involvement in trending narratives such as artificial intelligence (AI) or real world assets (RWA) tends to produce the best results. Skepticism is the key to success. Independent verification of any information should become a habit for crypto traders. Minimize tools. @nobrainflip uses no more than five main tools such as Etherscan and DeFiLama. This approach makes his trading efficient and simple. Expand your sources of information . The trader advises not to limit yourself to Twitter alone, but to use platforms such as Discord and YouTube. Such diversification can significantly expand trading prospects. Get the basics right. Fundamental knowledge is critical. Starting to trade cryptocurrencies without understanding the basics is risky and unwise. Manage risks. Risk management is vital, especially during bull markets. The right strategies can pave the way to sustainable success. Use stop losses. Stop losses and locking in losses are necessary to ensure that small failures do not turn into major ones. Keep a trade diary. This good habit will help you track your progress and improve your strategies.. Ignore Excessive Difficulties in Bull Markets. According to @nobrainflip, during bull markets, growth is driven more by hype than logic. Understanding this can help you avoid making bad decisions.. Question the security of stablecoins. Trader Warns Stablecoins Are Not Always as Secure as They Appear, Citing TerraUSD Crash. Focus on portfolio size. Focusing on a few areas can quickly grow a small deposit, while broad diversification is better suited to supporting larger portfolios. Consider profits and losses as a percentage of the deposit. This approach helps maintain emotional control and clarity in decision making.. Be persistent. Finally, @nobrainflip emphasizes the importance of persistence. The current market offers many opportunities for those who are willing to work hard.

By adhering to these rules, @nobrainflip coped with the volatile cryptocurrency market. However, it is worth remembering that successful trading directly depends on understanding what is happening and the ability to adapt to constantly changing conditions. Do your own analysis or research before making any investment decisions, and remember that you should only invest in cryptocurrencies that you can afford to lose.