Cybernews: Data of half a million users of Russian crypto exchanges leaked to the network

The research group of the Cybernews portal announced that the anonymity of clients of nine cryptocurrency exchangers in Russia was violated, and the personal data of users was disclosed.

Cybernews analysts report that the incident occurred about two months ago. Among the victims were clients of the platforms: Sova, Coinstart, Pocket-exchange, Onemoment, Cripta, Metka, Alt-coin, Ferma and In-to.

After independently double-checking information about possible compromise of users’ personal data, Cybernews analysts are ready to confirm the authenticity of the leak. The compromised data includes full usernames, credit card numbers, email addresses, IP addresses, amounts for payment or withdrawal requests, handles such as BTCRUB, and other authentication information such as the software the customer was using.

The estimated number of victims may exceed 500,000 people. Attackers' access to such sensitive data leaves users, Cybernews complains, vulnerable to fraudsters: asset theft, unauthorized transactions, phishing and social engineering attacks.

At the beginning of the year, ConsenSys analysts reported that some unauthorized entities gained unauthorized access to the personal information of more than 7,000 MetaMask users.