Experts spoke about the future evolution of the GameFi industry

Experts from Vernacular Blockchain studied analytical reports from 23 well-known companies in the field of blockchain and cryptocurrency and talked about trends for 2024. They specifically noted the development of the GameFi industry, which is attracting increasing attention from both investors and gamers from all over the world.

“In terms of the development area, GameFi is most often mentioned that blockchain games will reach a wider audience in 2024-2025. This sector continues to expand. More and more publishers and gamers are paying attention to this concept. The sector is actively scaling.”

Analysts noted that Azuki researcher Wale Swoosh believes that blockchain games will be one of the main trends that will define 2024. “Such projects have always been an excellent Trojan horse when it comes to cryptocurrency applications. There is no doubt that the development in the Web3 sector observed at the end of 2023 will not only continue, but will become even more noticeable,” the specialist assured.

Spartan Capital co-founder and CIO Kelvin Koch said a number of AAA Web3 games will be released in 2024. He believes that these projects will attract millions of new users, introducing them to the world of cryptocurrencies.

Various institutions are optimistic about the evolution of GameFi for several reasons. First, the number of gaming-focused blockchains continues to grow. In addition to the traditional and well-established public networks, new projects such as Oasys and Sui have also joined them.

Secondly, the participation of large traditional gaming companies is growing. For example, Oasys has attracted many famous publishers. Among those joining the ecosystem are Ubisoft Entertainment, Activision Blizzard, Epic Games and others.