Hackers hacked PlayDapp gaming platform and withdrew assets worth $31 million

PeckShield experts reported that unknown persons were able to mint 200 million PLA tokens (approximately $31 million) during the hacking of the PlayDapp gaming blockchain platform.

Fraudsters were able to add their own address as a minter by transferring the stolen coins to several wallets, Cyvers Alerts specialists confirm PeckShield information. Part of the tokens worth almost $6 million were sent to the Gate.io exchange.

The PlayDapp team also confirmed the fact of hacking. An investigation is underway; the TokoCrypto and Binance exchanges, where PLA tokens were traded, received notification of the need to suspend trading transactions with tokens.

According to CoinGecko, the price of PLA fell by 2.2% during the day.. Currently the token price is approximately $0.15.

Earlier, Hudson Rock cybersecurity experts discovered an advertisement on the darknet for the sale of access to the Kodex Global portal for $5,000, where private data is exchanged between security services of cryptocurrency platforms.