Keith sent $1.73 billion in BTC in a few minutes

The well-known analytical service Whale Alert recorded 4 large transactions with the flagship cryptocurrency. The transfers may not be related to each other, but it attracted the attention of analysts because they all happened almost at the same time, just a few minutes apart.. The fact is that in 5 minutes more than $1.73 billion in bitcoins (BTC) were sent from 4 anonymous wallets.

One after another, transfers of 10,486 BTC ($450.33 million), 9,445 BTC ($405.63 million), 11,115 BTC ($477.58 million) and 8,859 BTC ($380.65 million) were made.. Numerous traders have speculated that all transactions are made by a single owner who stores his digital assets at multiple addresses.. According to Twitter users, it could be an institutional investor or some large entrepreneur. Some have put forward the point of view that MicroStrategy head Michael Saylor may be connected with this. Others began to wonder whether this would affect BTC quotes.

Whale Alert is a service for monitoring and tracking large cryptocurrency transactions. It provides real-time information on large transfers and movements of digital assets based on data from blockchain networks.

Whale Alert uses algorithms and automated tools to detect and track transfers that exceed a certain predefined amount. When such a transaction occurs, the service sends a notification to subscribers through various communication channels such as Twitter or Telegram.

Large cryptocurrency holders, also known as “whales,” are individuals, companies or organizations that hold significant amounts of digital assets on their own balance sheets. They can own billions of US dollars (USD) in virtual currencies.

Tracking their activity is an important task for analysts and traders. This information can be used to understand market dynamics, predict prices, and make investment decisions. Whale Alert helps with this by providing up-to-date data.