Lookonchain: Trader made $3.3 million on PORK meme tokens in three days

Analytical service Lookonchain posted a success story: an unknown trader managed to earn $3.3 million from meme coins in a short period of time.

The trader initially invested 5 ETH worth approximately $12,000 in PORK tokens. Then he sold 6.3 trillion tokens, buying ether. As a result, net profit amounted to $765,000. After the deal, the trader retained 3.2 trillion meme coins, the value of which was already estimated at approximately $2.55 million.

PORK is a meme coin inspired by another meme project, PEPE, which turned out to be profitable for lucky investors in 2023. PORK is currently trading on platforms such as Uniswap and MEXC.

This Wednesday, January 31st, the coin increased by more than 450%. Data from Dexscreener shows that the total supply of PORK is 420 trillion tokens, with the top ten holders controlling more than 15% of this amount.

Lookonchain subscribers suggested that the success of the trades could be explained by the fact that the anonymous trader had inside information.

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The day before, Lookonchain talked about an investor who earned $1 million by purchasing TROLL tokens — the crypto asset soared in price after a tweet from the eccentric billionaire Elon Musk.