Monthly transaction volume on the Solana network has almost reached $1 trillion

According to The Block Data Dashboard, transaction volume on the Solana network exceeded $951 billion in January. For comparison, transaction volume in December was $738.8 billion.

The increase in Solana blockchain activity exceeded any month in 2023. Over the past week, the value of the SOL coin has increased by approximately 18%. The number of active addresses on the network has reached its highest level since January last year.

A few weeks ago, Solana provided a report that the number of developers in the ecosystem fluctuated between 2,500 and 3,000 monthly throughout 2023. Company representatives emphasized that the list of developers includes only those who work in public, not private, repositories.

Earlier, Artemis platform experts reported that since the beginning of the year, the volume of stablecoin transfers on the Solana blockchain amounted to $303 billion, breaking the previous December record = $297 billion.