Rating of the best NFTs by capitalization growth per month

CryptoDiffer researchers published a tweet in which they talked about the state of affairs in the non-fungible token (NFT) market.. They showed an infographic of the top collections by market cap growth over the past 30 days. Experts noted that this indicator is calculated by the minimum price multiplied by the total number of tokens in the digital collection.

Experts emphasized that the growth rate of market capitalization means either an increase in the minimum value of assets or an increase in the number of NFTs in the collection itself. The leader in this parameter was BEEPLE GENESIS with a result of +455%. It is noted that the total figure is now $57.5 million, although trading volumes amounted to only $564 thousand.

Second place in this list went to MyShellGenesisPass with a growth rate of 312%. The total supply of the NFT collection reached $78.3 million. The transaction amount is only $128 thousand. for the last month. An honorable 3rd place went to Webb Land, whose capitalization increased by 241%, to $10.5 million.. Trading volumes: $2.23 million over 30 days.

In addition, SuperRare with an increase of 206% and Schizo Posters (194%) were in the top 5. It should be noted the presence of such well-known collections as Mocaverse with an indicator of +92.3%, as well as Pixelady Maker — 21.7%.

Note that over the past 30 days, trading volumes on the global NFT market have exceeded $1.05 billion. The most expensive digital item was CryptoPunks #2306 from the legendary “CryptoPunks” collection. Its new owner spent $1.09 million on the token. The most popular among traders was the Uncategorized Ordinals collection. Market participants provided transactions worth $149.07 million during the month. However, this figure decreased by 15.64%. As for the legendary collection of Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYС), it was only in 6th position in terms of trading volume — $24.22 million.