Results of the main investment rounds for the week

CryptoDiffer researchers talked about the largest investment rounds that took place in the last 7 days. They published a table with a list of companies that managed to raise funds from well-known venture capitalists. According to DropStab, 34 rounds of funding were successfully completed over the past week, totaling $128.9 million.

One of the most important was the campaign from Puffer Finance. This Ethereum liquid raistaking protocol has successfully received $18 million in investments from Brevan Howard, Electric Capital, Coinbase Ventures and others.. Real asset (RWA) tokenization protocol called Centrifuge raises $15 million from venture capitalists. Among them were Parafi Capital, Arrington Capital and others.

The developers of the tokenized real estate lending platform Homium received $10 million from Soerenson Impact and Blizzard. Web3 gaming studio AVALON raised a similar amount. Its fundraising round included participation from BitKraft, Hashed and Coinbase Ventures.

Loyalty platform SuperLogic received $7.6 million in funding. In addition, it is worth noting that the decentralized liquidity exchange on Blast called Thruster successfully closed an investment round of $7.5 million led by Pantera Capital, OKX Ventures and the same Parafi Capital.

DePin startup Sending Network received investments of $7.5 million. Stablecoin developers from Usual Labs also raised $7 million in funding. A fundraising round by CVEX for a similar amount was also noted. The decentralized derivatives platform has raised $7 million from Fabric Ventures, Salt and FunFair Ventures. Finally, the researchers highlighted that Arbitrum-based derivatives trading platform Aark Digital received $6 million from Hashkey Capitalm Arrington Capital and others.