Santiment analysts on trending tokens of the week

Santiment researchers have published another report. They talked about the most trending digital assets in the period from January 15 to January 21, 2024. Experts noted that Manta Network became the main focus of investors and traders after the developers launched the MANTA token.

This cryptocurrency has become the most discussed on social networks. “Impressive growth in discussion volume and market activity driven by listings on major exchanges including Binance, Bithumb, Bitget and Bybit. This indicates the growing interest of the crypto community in this project,” the researchers emphasized.

Analysts also noted increased interest in API3 (API3). This token took a high place in social ratings due to a 77% price increase in a week. In addition, users discussed the situation around the depegging and instability of TrueUSD (TUSD). The stablecoin fell to $0.97, and “the debate surrounding a rumored token sale and controversial investments by entrepreneur Justin Sun underscored the drama surrounding the digital currency.”

Industry experts also noted the excitement around Gala Games (GALA), PAAL AI (PAAL) and Cartesi (CTSI). According to experts, negative sentiment was observed around Bitcoin SV (BSV), Nervos Network (CKB) and Metal (MTL).

Santiment researchers concluded that overall market sentiment last week was “a mixture of caution and expectation.”. While excitement around new developments, listings and innovative services has increased significantly, interest has been equally dampened by security concerns and legal uncertainty.

“With every step forward with new technological solutions, users had to look back. They want to make sure that trust and stability are not compromised. This demonstrates the balance that exists in the cryptocurrency industry.”