Several experts from the United States shared their forecasts for Bitcoin

Bitcoin has been losing its position for a long time, but recently the coin managed to consolidate near the $40,000 mark. On the other hand, there is still increased selling pressure, and therefore there is no talk of the development of a potential bullish trend. The overall market sentiment remains bearish and many crypto experts expect prices to fall further. Popular analyst Alan Santana has identified key support and resistance areas to watch closely.

According to Santana, the main digital coin could soon fall to $23,000. The nearest support will be the level of $37,500, which Bitcoin can reach within a few days. The expert emphasized: “Whenever a support level is reached, a pullback usually occurs. Bitcoin failed to break through the $41,000 area. This suggests that large sell orders are hidden behind it.. In such circumstances, the coins are very likely to rush down.”

It is worth noting that Bitcoin itself was unable to reap short-term benefits amid the approval of industry ETFs. Of course, there was a sharp impulse to $49,000, but then the coin began to actively lose ground. Now the asset is located near the round level of $40,000. This is a fairly strong support zone and its breakthrough can most likely lead to a further fall in prices.

On the other hand, many experts are positive about the medium-term prospects for Bitcoin. In their opinion, the upcoming halving will provide significant support for the main digital coin. However, the macroeconomic situation remains tense. Inflation began to rise actively in the United States. This reduces the chances that the Federal Reserve will initiate monetary easing in the coming months.