Spindl and AppsFlyer become Web3 analytics partners

Spindl service management has decided to merge with AppsFlyer. The attribution and analytics platform, which aims to improve game marketing for the Web3 sector, has partnered with an organization that does similar work in the Web2 space. AppsFlyer provides a process for determining which marketing techniques translate into active sales.

Specialists from this organization have been studying mobile games since 2011.. During this time, the company successfully raised more than $300 million in venture capital. Spindl was founded 2 years ago with the goal of creating a similar version of the platform focused on Web3.

According to management, this turned out to be a difficult task. The fact is that most games in the Web3 industry are actually a hybrid of on-chain and off-chain projects. This is why Spindl needs the functionality provided by AppsFlyer.

Both companies will integrate their own data sets to allow developers to see and display their user journeys and settings, which span the Web2 sector, including app clicks and installs, as well as events from Web3. We are talking about “NFT mints” and others.

“Web2 is the current incarnation of the Internet, built on mobile applications and social networks, and Web3 is the next generation, focused on decentralization and modularized on blockchain technology,” said Spindl founder Antonio García Martinez. He believes that this partnership will bring these spaces together.

“Any Web3 game dashboard lacks data on online revenue and user activity, which presents a very incomplete picture,” he wrote. “The more connected the game is to the network, the more incorrect the basic indicators, such as value and other. This is a big problem for everyone.»