Terra co-founder Do Kwon successfully challenged extradition from Montenegro for the second time

The panel of the Court of Appeal of Montenegro upheld the appeal against the decision of the previous instance, according to which the former co-founder of Terraform Labs should be extradited to the USA or South Korea.

Do Kwon's lawyers successfully overturned the Podgorica High Court's December 29, 2023 verdict, returning the case to the first instance for retrial..

The panel of the Court of Appeal concluded that the decision of the High Court of Podgorica was influenced by significant violations of the provisions of the criminal procedure. Namely, from the wording of the decision it is not clear: what exactly is the basis for making a decision on extradition.

In addition, the trial court did not take into account that in this particular case we are talking about an abbreviated extradition procedure, and in accordance with Article 29 of the Law on International Legal Assistance in Criminal Matters, the decision is made by the court, and not by the Minister of Justice.

Earlier it became known that the former CFO of Terraform Labs Han Chang-Joon was extradited by the Montenegrin authorities to South Korea.