The analyst named 7 main areas of RWA development

CoinDesk expert Sanjay Raghavan published a new article. He spoke about the main trends in the real asset (RWA) tokenization sector for 2024. The specialist noted that the crypto industry has experienced a lot, from the collapse of large projects Terra (LUNA), Celsius, Voyager and FTX to the crisis due to the bankruptcy of Silvergate, Signature, Silicon Valley Bank and others.

The expert noted that tokenization of real assets creates an investment mechanism on the blockchain that is associated with tangible assets. This includes real estate, cars, or anything that can exist in physical form. According to the analyst, 7 key trends can be noted in 2024.

The first one is stablecoins.. Stablecoins have a market capitalization of approximately $125 billion and form the base layer of infrastructure that will support the development of a valuable Internet. “They are poised to revolutionize global payments, remittances, e-commerce, trade finance and more.”

Next up are tokenized treasury bonds.. Companies such as Franklin Templeton, Ondo, Backed, Maple, Open Eden and Superstate have already become pioneers in this area. According to the platform, the new asset class already has a capitalization of $700 million.

The private credit market, valued at $1 trillion in the US and $1.7 trillion globally, will also continue to grow. DeFi protocols such as Centrifuge, Goldfinch, Credit, Maple, Huma and others are “game changers and open the floodgates of access to debt capital from public markets, the banking system and traditional private lenders.”

Collectible NFTs, as well as non-fungible tokens of consumer brands, will gain popularity. Companies such as Nike, Adidas, Louis Vuitton, and Coca-Cola and Starbucks are already actively using the technology of digitalization of real things. Finally, DeFi products in climate and regenerative finance and tokenized deposits, as well as wholesale banking, are attracting huge interest.