The fake Ripple YouTube channel has more subscribers than the official one

Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse recently released a video on the official Ripple YouTube channel to warn the cryptocurrency community about the rise of increasingly sophisticated scams targeting XRP users.. In a video posted two weeks ago, Garlinghouse stressed the importance of vigilance in the face of these fraudulent tactics, emphasizing that Ripple will never ask its users to send XRP for any reason.

He stressed that users need to be wary of scams promising free gifts or doubling programs, which have become alarmingly common. To illustrate the severity of the problem, Garlinghouse shared a demonstration video showing scammers carefully impersonating key figures within Ripple, including himself.

The video showed how these villains clone not only the appearance, but also the voice and gestures of their targets to gain the trust of unsuspecting victims. These scammers often promise to give away significant amounts of XRP, ranging from 500 to 1000 XRP tokens.

Fake Ripple YouTube account has more subscribers than the official one

Interestingly, the fake Ripple YouTube account has become a central player in the spread of fraudulent activity.. This fake account, which has 768,000 followers, more than the 54,700 followers of the official Ripple channel, is involved in a large-scale scam targeting unsuspecting viewers.

The modus operandi involves live streaming of fabricated events under the guise of Ripple, with one such event lasting over 12 hours and attracting over 30,000 live viewers. What makes this scam especially insidious is its use of advanced artificial intelligence technology to create a looping video and audio feed that creates the illusion of a legitimate event.. This deceptive tactic resulted in many viewers falling prey to the ploy, highlighting the need for increased awareness and vigilance within the cryptocurrency community.