The main news of crypto protocols for April 23

CoinDesk researchers have published another news digest of Crypto Protocol Village. In it they talked about key events in the world of cryptocurrency protocols for April 23, 2024. Experts noted that the Metis project team announced the 2nd phase of testing a decentralized sequencer, adding new technical functions and launching Sequencer Mining.

The developers emphasized that with this product, sequencer nodes will earn METIS tokens for their role in processing transactions and generating blocks in layer 2 networks. LST providers will manage them and users will be able to stake by unlocking liquid staking tokens (LST). The Artemis Finance and Enki Protocols were chosen to test the alpha phase of the project.

The Mina Foundation and o1Labs have announced a collaboration with Celestia to integrate a modular data availability (DA) layer with the Mina protocol and optimize zkApps into web applications. According to representatives of the team: “the new partnership will solve the problem of ensuring the publication of data in the block of blockchain networks, which simplifies the identification of malicious transactions.”

The creators of the Ethereum Name Services (ENS) project have successfully integrated the .box top-level domain. The developers assured that Web3 and Web2 users can now access email, host websites and interact on Ethereum using a single domain name. The project team assured of compatibility with Google Chrome, Safari, Outlook and G Suite.

Finally, startup Turnkey raised $15 million in Series A funding led by Lightspeed Faction and Galaxy Ventures. The startup's developers previously worked at Coinbase, and are now trying to create a global wallet infrastructure for various blockchains.