The most important token unlocks of the next week

Unlock (English). unlock) is the unlocking of tokens that were previously frozen under the terms of investment rounds or other programs to attract financing.

Usually the team carefully works out tokenomics so as not to cause a lot of selling pressure at various stages of the unlock and thereby not bring down the price of the token. However, some factors — for example, a lack of liquidity or profit-taking by early investors immediately after the tokens are unlocked — can seriously affect the asset’s quotes.

The BeInCrypto editors have selected 3 important unlocks to watch next week.

1. Moonbeam (GLMR)

Unlock Date: January 11 Number of Tokens Unlocked: 3,040,000 GLMR Current Circulating Supply: 809,845,627 GLMR

Moonbeam is a Polkadot parachain that makes it easier to run applications on the Ethereum network while increasing scalability. It also serves as a cleaner and more user-friendly alternative to Substrate, Polkadot's native tool for creating DApps. The GLMR token is used to pay gas for the execution of smart contracts and transaction fees, paying rewards to users responsible for supporting the parachain and managing the network.

On January 11, the project will unlock 3 million coins, which will be distributed among the founders and early employees of Moonbeam.

2. Aptos (APT)

Unlock Date: January 12 Number of Tokens Unlocked: 24,840,000 APT Current Circulating Supply: 307,421,111 APT

While Aptos' layer 1 blockchain is definitely one of the most successful projects of 2023, it is regularly criticized by the crypto community for its tokenomics, which is largely dominated by venture capital.. Most of the APT supply is still blocked. Unlocks will occur every month for the next ten years. The tokens released on January 12 will be distributed among the Aptos Foundation, community members and investors.

3. CyberConnect (CYBER)

Unlock Date: January 14 Number of Tokens Unlocked: 1,260,000 CYBER Current Circulating Supply: 14,821,350 CYBER

CyberConnect is a decentralized social graph protocol built on the BNB Smart Chain blockchain. It helps create and manage social connections between users and projects across platforms. The native token CYBER allows holders to buy CyberID, vote on issues related to improving the protocol, and pay transaction fees. The tokens unlocked next week will be intended for participants in the public round and the project treasury.