The US Energy Information Administration will collect data on Bitcoin mining

The US Office of Management and Budget (OMB) has authorized the Energy Information Administration (EIA) to require detailed data on electricity consumption and use from mining companies.

The EIA issued an emergency OMB authorization after it became clear that the combination of the cold snap and increased mining activity caused by rising Bitcoin prices could cause «increased uncertainty in energy markets.». Energy experts argue that “unregulated mining activity could cause significant public harm if oversight practices remain within the normal legal framework.”

“We hope that dozens of regular surveys of cryptocurrency industry consumers will allow us to provide the American public with a clear understanding of the intended use of electricity,” the EIA said.

The moves by the Department of Energy and the US Energy Information Administration have drawn sharp criticism from some major miners.. Texas Blockchain Council President Lee Bratcher and US Chamber of Digital Commerce Chairman Perianne Boring said:

“The EIA's emergency actions amount to federal overreach and have serious consequences for the entire crypto industry that relies on data centers to operate.. We believe that the EIA's actions are politically motivated and are intended to help the White House achieve a reduction in the number of mining companies. We will use all available legal means to get the permit revoked.”

Earlier, the management of the mining company CleanSpark announced the purchase of three new farms in Mississippi and plans to double the hashrate of the equipment in preparation for the next halving of the Bitcoin network.