Top crypto market events this week

Today, new rules for crypto advertising on Google come into force, the decision on the rate will become known this week, Jupiter will hold an airdrop on Wednesday, a hard fork will take place on the Ethereum Classic network on the 31st — the editors of BeInCrypto have collected the main events of this week in one material.

New crypto advertising rules on Google — January 29

Starting today, new rules for crypto advertising on the Google platform come into force. We are talking about easing restrictions.

Now, so-called Cryptocurrency Coin Trusts targeting the United States can safely advertise their products and services as long as they meet Google's requirements.

Let us remind you that in the spring of 2018, Google completely banned the placement of any advertising related to cryptocurrencies.. Then the reason was the increase in cases of crypto fraud. However, a month ago the company leniently and allowed advertising of cryptocurrency ETFs.

Fed rate decision — January 30-31

The next meeting of the US Federal Reserve on the key interest rate will take place on Tuesday and Wednesday this week..

US inflation data is now looking bad again. This forces the Fed to act with extreme caution, since allowing the economy to slide into recession would be a reckless decision..

In this regard, the community almost unanimously believes that at this stage the regulator will not decide to lower the rate. From the Fed's point of view, maintaining interest rates at a high level will not allow investors to switch their attention to high-risk assets — for example, cryptocurrency.

Token unlocks — starting January 30

The beginning of the week again pleases investors with a new portion of major unlocks, which the community always awaits with great interest.

The most notable will be the unlocking of more than 33 million dYdX tokens (DYDX). You can find a complete list of the most important unlocks of the week in our material.

Jupiter airdrop – January 31

On the last day of January, DeFi aggregator Jupiter will distribute 1 billion JUP tokens to the community.

You will find even more profitable airdrops this year in our material..

In order to participate, you will need to link your crypto wallet on the official Jupiter website. The size of the reward will depend on the user’s activity at the specified address.

Moreover, this airdrop is only the first round of four planned. Over the course of four distributions, the Jupiter team plans to transfer 40% of tokens from the total JUP supply of 10 billion to the community.

Ethereum Classic hard fork – January 31

An update called Spiral will be activated on the Ethereum Classic network this Wednesday.. It is expected that it is on this date that the activation block required for the hard fork will appear — number 19,250,000.

Who is cooler: Ethereum Classic or Ethereum ? We tried to understand this material.

Miners, exchanges and all node operators are advised to update their software to the latest version of core-geth. It is important to do this before the activation block appears and the update starts to ensure a smooth transition.


This week we are expecting several important events: token splits, hard forks and, of course, airdrops. All this can lift the mood in the markets.

The only event that, in theory, could negatively affect the industry is the Fed's decision on the key interest rate. Traders and investors should take a closer look at the US market so as not to miss a possible outbreak of volatility.