Top crypto market events this week

Tomorrow Bakery Swap will launch its first launchpad, an important announcement from Polygon is expected on Wednesday, DOGE flies to the moon on Saturday — the editors of BeInCrypto have collected the main events of this week in one material.

Launchpad project from Bakery Swap — December 19

Tomorrow, this Tuesday, the DeFi platform Bakery Swap will launch its first launchpad.

Thus, the preliminary launch will take place for BitcoinCats — a GameFi platform for the Bitcoin ecosystem — and for its native token $1cat. This was reported on the official website of Bakery Swap.

In total, 2 billion $1cat tokens will be sold during the launchpad, and the fixed rate looks like this: 1 ETH = 6.25 million $1cat.

Bitcoin Cats Project

Participants will receive $1cat tokens and a refund of excess $ETH within 48 hours of participating in the launchpad. In this case, approximately half of $1cat will be distributed to BRC, and the other half to Ethereum.

The launchpad starts at 11:00 Moscow time for whitelisted users and at 12:00 Moscow time for everyone else, with the exception of buyers from certain regions, such as the USA, Canada and some others. The sale will close at 13:00 Moscow time for all customers.

Polygon Announcement — December 20

The popular Polygon blockchain continues to amaze the crypto community this week. Project co-founder Sandeep Nailwal announced this on his Twitter..

Polygon's roadmap for this December. Source: Twitter

Details of the announcement have not yet been disclosed, but it is known that the news will touch on the topic of RWA (real/traditional assets) and their institutional acceptance. As Nailwal said in his post, the upcoming announcement will be a “game changer.”.

Previously, the editors of BeInCrypto told what the Polygon bridge is and how to use it.

Let us remind you that several significant events for the project have already taken place in the Polygon ecosystem this month.. For example, last week, on the 14th, they launched their own new ZK product on the blockchain.

US GDP Data — December 21

This Thursday, at 16:30 Moscow time, new data on the current state of GDP in the United States is expected to be released.

This information will directly affect the health of the country’s main currency, the US dollar.. If real indicators turn out to be higher than expected, the market will see a rise in the dollar, otherwise — a decline.

GDP (gross domestic product) is the market value of all goods/services produced in a country for consumption; it is also the total income of citizens, companies and the state for a certain period. This indicator is used to assess how well a state's economy is performing: if GDP grows, the country develops, and vice versa.

Token unlocks — starting December 21st

The beginning of the week again pleases investors with a new portion of major unlocks, which the community always awaits with great interest.

This week, the biggest one will be the Algorand unlock, during which 33,340,000 ALGO tokens will be released into circulation.

You will find a complete list of the most important unlocks of the week in our material.

DOGE flight to the Moon — December 23

The long-awaited Lunar mission of the popular memecoin Dogecoin (DOGE) starts this Saturday.

So, on the 23rd of this month, Astrobotic will send a physical wallet with DOGE coins to the Earth’s satellite. It is noteworthy that such an initiative appeared back in 2015, and since then the project community has been raising funds to implement this idea.

In addition to the memcoin itself, the Moon will be visited by one Bitcoin coin (BTC) and a metal plate on which the contents of the first block of the main cryptocurrency are engraved..


There are many events expected in the crypto market this week. Unlocking of many tokens can attract the attention of investors and increase trader sentiment, as well as activity in the markets. At the same time, another important announcement from Polygon and the unusual initiative of Dogecoin can have a positive impact on both the project itself and the market.

The only event whose consequences cannot be accurately predicted is the publication of GDP data in the United States. This information can either raise or lower markets.