Traders assessed the prospects for the BTC rate after halving

DEXWireNews experts assessed the prospects for the Bitcoin rate after halving. They recalled that the procedure for reducing rewards for miners will take place in less than 7 hours. It will have important implications for the future value of the flagship digital coin BTC.

According to analysts, although halving has historically led to fluctuations in Bitcoin prices, this time the demand factor for ETFs from institutional investors will be of great importance.. According to experts, the expansion of their participation and the introduction of spot BTC exchange-traded funds in the United States distinguishes this procedure from previous ones. Analysts stressed that it is unknown how the market will react to the situation this time, but it is clear that Bitcoin's long-term uptrend has not changed.

The researchers recalled that Coinbase Senior Product Director Scott Shapiro noted that the launch of spot BTC-ETFs changed the structure of the market, creating a new “anchor” for demand. “Stable daily net inflows into these products could significantly benefit the asset class, especially as new coin mining rates slow,” he said.

The upcoming reduction in rewards is due to occur tomorrow, April 20 at approximately 04:16 Moscow time. The procedure will reduce incentives for miners for mining each block from 6.25 BTC to 3.125 BTC. This has historically led to price fluctuations and has preceded significant upward swings in the BTC price.. However, there is no clear cause-and-effect relationship between halving and price movements.

In previous times, the rapid growth of the BTC rate occurred within 6 months after each halving event. Moreover, after about 12-18 months, the cryptocurrency reached new record price highs. Some analysts predict that the current market cycle may begin earlier than in previous times.

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