New design, but with a characteristic deer on the radiator grille. The first details about the revived Volga

The head of the Ministry of Industry and Trade revealed the first official details about the project for the revived Volga. According to him, the car will retain the company logo with a deer.

The work has been ongoing without stopping since the announcement of this decision [to revive the Volga], meaning from May 2023. Therefore, we proceed from the fact that in the middle of the year [2024], they [the Nizhny Novgorod Automotive Cluster] should start producing this car. You know, this is a completely modern look. The logo is known throughout the world — with a deer ,” said Denis Manturov.

He also added that the radiator grille of the new car may be similar to the radiator grille of the Soviet Volga.

Let us remind you that the Volga was produced at the Gorky Automobile Plant in Nizhny Novgorod. The brand was born in 1956 and even survived the collapse of the USSR, but in 2010 the GAZ Group plant focused on producing exclusively commercial vehicles.