Nvidia has been accused of turning into a GPU cartel and does not tolerate its customers turning to competitors

It seems that Nvidia is indeed behaving quite aggressively with its partners when it comes to cooperation between these same partners and Nvidia's competitors.

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Groq, which recently unveiled an impressively powerful processor for inferring neural network models, accused Nvidia of potentially delaying product deliveries to its customers if it learned that those same customers were communicating with Nvidia's competitors about the possibility of supplying products.. This primarily concerns the AI accelerator segment.

The head of Groq claims that the fear of sanctions from Nvidia is so strong that company representatives often hide the fact that they are conducting some kind of negotiations with competitors of the Californian giant. This is not just an accusation: the head of Groq is actually quoting people he met with to discuss purchasing Groq products.

Many people we meet with say that if Nvidia heard about our meeting, they would deny the meeting took place.

The problem is that you have to pay Nvidia a year up front – and you might get your hardware in a year, or it might take longer.

The former head of the AMD Radeon division, Scott Herkelman, also commented on this information, noting that this happens in different segments.

This Happens More Often Than You Expect. Nvidia does this with Data Center customers, OEMs, AIB partners, press and resellers. They learned not to write it down. They simply don't ship the product after the customer has placed an order.. This is the GPU cartel and they control all supplies.

Let us remember that recently a representative of ASRock hinted at a similar attitude, saying that his company cannot just go and start producing video cards on Nvidia GPUs, since it already produces adapters on AMD and Intel chips, and Nvidia does not like it.