Pre-orders for Apple Vision Pro have opened in Russia, prices reached 800,000 rubles. Avito blocked them

Offers appeared on Avito in which Russians were asked to place pre-orders for the Apple Vision Pro headset, with prices ranging from 410 to 800,000 rubles.

The sellers promised to purchase the headsets in the first days and promptly deliver them to Russia. It is worth noting that Apple initially plans to sell the device only in the USA, and how it will work in Russia is still unclear.

The Avito service promptly blocked pre-orders and published the following comment:

Friends, you may have already seen publications that pre-orders for Apple Vision Pro have already appeared on some online platforms, the official worldwide sales of which have not yet started. Pre-order for the headset on Avito is currently blocked. This is a common scenario for such advertisements, when it is not yet possible to physically buy the product anywhere in the world. This is done in order to enhance the security of transactions on the platform and protect users.

For example, this affected announcements for pre-ordering the latest iPhones that were not yet available for purchase.. As soon as actual sales for them were opened, the ads were given the green light. In any case, we urge you to always pay attention to the seller’s rating, reviews and terms of sale, order. And use Avito Delivery. This way the purchase itself will be maximally protected.

Let us remind you that in the US, pre-orders start on January 19, and sales will begin on February 2 at a price of $3,500 for the version with 16 GB of RAM and 256 GB of flash memory.