What the newest Lada Iskra station wagon will look like. The first color images of the new product

The future production car Lada Iskra, which AvtoVAZ showed in patent images, was shown by designer Nikita Chuiko in more realistic renderings created for the Quto auto website.

>Lada Iskra turned out to be not a completely new model. It is very similar to Lada XCode 2016

In these images, the Lada Iskra is presented in a station wagon, designed with features of the signature X-style, developed by former AvtoVAZ chief designer Steve Mattin. Renderings show that the Iskra will differ from other models in the original shape of the headlights and lights, the design of the bumpers, the radiator grille and the hood.

Over time, the Iskra will replace the Granta model. The car was originally part of the XJO project, created on the budget Renault platform. This means that technically and structurally the Iskra will be very close to the modern third generation Renault Logan.

The start of production of the Lada Iskra is scheduled for early 2025, but the car will be shown earlier. AvtoVAZ President Maxim Sokolov recently confirmed this, saying that such intrigue cannot be maintained for long, given that the first batch has already been sent for testing.

The car is expected to be more expensive than Granta, but cheaper than Vesta.