Will they start following less? Google is finally abandoning an important ad targeting tool

Will they start following less? Google is finally abandoning an important ad targeting tool

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Google refuses third-party cookies (Photo: ChinaImages/Depositphotos)

It's been 4 years since Firefox and Safari turned off third-party cookies. The largest advertising company in the world, Google, has finally decided to take this step.

There are quite a few problems with third-party cookies, which are collected by third parties when you visit various websites.. They may be used to track your online activity and show you targeted advertising that may not be relevant to you and may also slow down your web browser.. Following its competitors, Google is taking a step toward eliminating this form of user tracking.

According to Google's blog, the company will begin testing an abandonment of this method on January 4.. 1% of Chrome users will get Tracking Protection, which will limit third-party cookies by default and track users across websites in this way.

“Participants for Tracking Protection are randomly selected—and if you're selected, you'll receive a notification when you open Chrome on your desktop or Android,” the company warns.

The rollout of a new data tracking approach also includes new interface elements in Chrome. If a site a user is visiting will not work without third-party cookies, and Chrome notices this, it will prompt you to re-enable third-party cookies.

“Third-party cookies have been a fundamental part of the Internet for nearly three decades. While they can be used to track activity on your website, sites have also used them to support a range of online experiences, such as helping you log in or showing you relevant advertising. … We've built new tools for sites … and are starting with a small percentage of Chrome users so developers can test their readiness for the web without third-party cookies,” the company said.

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